Copies reliable

Copies of Copies…are they Reliable?

Podcast: Download (198.0MB)Subscribe: Google Podcasts | Spotify | RSS [For attribution to modified image see below *] Wednesday 05/15/19 Series: By Request Message –  Copies of Copies…are they Reliable? Click here for the Videos Tonight is ‘By Request’ night and I chose the question regarding the reliability of the scriptures because we are going through the Bible on Wednesday nights and so it seemed appropriate that we address just how reliable the scriptures truly are and how do we know that? So first off – let me define what I mean when I use the word “reliable”. I am NOT […]

About Apostles

About Apostles

First off, what are Apostles? Well an Apostle, along with Evangelists, Pastors, Teachers, Prophets and workers of Miracles are all “appointments”. I use this rather clumsy word of  “appointment” because there is SO MUCH kickback in today’s word of using the word “office” due to the mental baggage that word arries for some people. In all reality the distinctive word the New Testament uses for these people is Energies. This is found in Paul’s famous chapter 12 to the Corinthains and I have a few messages dedicated to the topics, one of which is Gifts, Ministries & Energies Pt. 1. […]


Soul, Spirit, Body…Stuff Humans are made of

Podcast: Download (208.7MB)Subscribe: Google Podcasts | Spotify | RSS     Wednesday 06/06/18  Message – …Stuff Humans are made of Series: Thru the Bible ***Video is HERE*** The Whole Man: Spirit, Soul & Body There are three prevailing beliefs concerning what makes up a human being and only two which can in any way claim to be scriptural. These views are called: Monism – is a pure naturalism and is a product of a humanistic worldview. Human beings are only physical – composed only of natural stuff. Dualism or Dichotomy – is the belief that man is comprised of two […]

Acceptable and Pleasing

There is a growing misunderstanding today in Christian circles where God’s pleasure in us is being linked to His acceptance of us in Christ. These two are very different subjects. While everyone who has come to Christ in faith is 100% accepted in the Beloved, we are NOT always well pleasing to Him. Fortunately, this topic is very easy to understand and clarify from God’s word. Acceptable “Accepted” is term associated with relationship. Even in English, our notion of being accepted by God means that we are approved by Him. This approval finds its expression in a state of relationship […]

Growth Night – The Pursuit of God – Ch. 4

    Wednesday 01/20/16 Series: The Pursuit of God Message – Chapter 4: Apprehending God Click here for the Video   Tonight we did something different and moved Growth Night to a Wednesday night. We are currently going through A.W. Tozer’s book, “The Pursuit of God” and tonight we read and discussed chapter 4, “Apprehending God”. If you do not have the book you can still follow along by visiting the following page and either scroll down to page 20 in your browser or download the entire book for free and begin on page 20 which is the beginning of chapter […]