The Law and the New Covenant

Many today struggle with a misconception of how Paul saw the law and the New Covenant. Most of these misconceptions are easily addressed when one calmly approaches the passages and reads them in their given context without superimposing a bias upon them. So far as I can tell, in the writings of Paul alone there were 107 clear citations to the Old Testament. Many of these are easily identified by phrases such as… “as it is written,” “for the scripture says,” “for [prophet] says,” or “according to the law.” In addition to these 107, there are many more that are […]

Dichotomy Trichotomy

Dichotomy or Trichotomy – What people are made of

Dichotomy or Trichotomy… what people are made of For PDF of this article click – HERE If approached purely from a humanistic point of view, mankind is typically seen as nothing more than a physical, material beast. One, as it were, with the universe in which they dwell. This is called “monism” and in most religious circles it is rejected as completely materialistic (which of course it is). Most commonly, in the religious world, there are two additional views – that of humans being as a two part being or a three part being. These two views are known as […]


Why Blood?

Podcast: Download (Duration: 57:13 — 26.2MB)Subscribe: Google Podcasts | Spotify | RSS Topic: Why Blood? NOTE: This article was originally posted on the ‘Under his Influence” Radio Show web page, in connection with a broadcast about the necessity of Christ’s blood in our redemption. Here, I (Mark) have expanded and acclimated it for use on this website. The link above is the original recording of the radio show aired on 03-29-14. To go to the recording of that podcast of the show, simply click on the link above. Part of our view of the necessity of blood in general (and Christ’s […]

The Link between Holiness & Healing XI

Wednesday 06/19/13 Topic: The Fear of the Lord & Healing   Series – And He Healed them all: The Link between Holiness & Healing XI.mp3    Key Text: Rev. 3:7-13 To the church of Philadelphia write… We began where we left off on Sunday in the letter to the church of Philadelphia: Crowns in the New Testament… There are two different words for “crown” used in the NT and only one of them is used in reference to Christians. It is the word stéphanos (4735)-  In classical Greek it is not used of the kingly crowns even though it was […]

Grace, The Law & Tithing II

Podcast: Download (35.7MB)Subscribe: Google Podcasts | Spotify | RSS Grace, The Law & Tithing II The Law and the Believer II.mp3   Last week we began talking about Grace, the law & Tithing. During that message I illustrated that the “curse” we have been redeemed from is not the Law, but the curse of being UNDER the LETTER of the Law for righteousness. Since then I was approached with the following question… “What then IS the curse if it isn’t the Law itself”? Good question! I actually addressed this last week, but if one person missed it, they are very likely […]