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Hello, My name is Mark. I’m a pastor here at Living Grace Fellowship. I want to thank you for reaching out to us! It is our great desire to help anyone who is contacting us in need of spiritual help.

If contact information is all you need please click here.

If you desire immediate help regarding your salvation please keep reading and you will see our contact information at the bottom of the page.

What is Salvation and how can I be saved?

We deeply desire that all people enter into relationship with God through  Jesus Christ. Entering that relationship is the most important decision you will ever make – no question!

It is also one you do not want to delay.

None of us knows what our future holds nor how long we have left in this life.

If you have never made Jesus the Lord of your life it is a simple matter to accomplish, but make no mistake – it is a life-long commitment which will cost you more every day that you live.

If you have come to the place where you realize that you are indeed lost – meaning, you know you are not right with your Creator and desire to be reconciled, then take courage…you are already most of the way there.

Sin is any action which is contrary to the nature and character of God. You may be familiar with the account of Adam and Eve in the garden and their fall from relationship with God. Since then, all people are born with a sin nature. The fall changed us fundamentally in terms of nature and character – making us “not like God”.

God is perfect and never changes, so if we are going to have everlasting relationship and fellowship with God, something needs to change – and that is us. We cannot change ourselves and we cannot undo the offenses of the past, but the Good News is that our offenses have been wiped clean by the blood of Jesus.

Don’t worry, you do not have to understand the hows or whys, just believe that it is true.

Salvation comes to every heart who in complete trust, abandons their control over their life and will surrender themselves to Jesus as being their Master and Lord.

Romans 10:9-10 tells us that if we will place Jesus as Lord in our lives, openly owning and confessing Him as such we will be saved.

This is quite literally a defecting from the kingdom of darkness and an entering into the Kingdom of God. You become part of God’s kingdom by making Jesus your Lord.

The word ‘Lord’ simply means He is your king, ruler or master. This means that you have made the decision to stop living your life independent of God, and have sought reconciliation with Him by and through the sacrifice of His Son Jesus.

Once you are in God’s kingdom, you are in right relationship with Him and all of the benefits of the kingdom become yours.


By doing this you have allowed your heart to believe the truth about yourself and your true condition.

Without God, you cannot be saved – you cannot save yourself.

So by completely relying upon the work of Jesus, and bowing your knee to Him as your Lord you are for the first time, agreeing with God and are in submission to Him- which places you into good relationship with Him.

When you confess Jesus as your Lord, both to God in your own heart and publicly by not being ashamed of His Lordship over you, your salvation is sealed. You are now in true and right relationship with your Creator!

One of the ways you confess Jesus as your Lord publicly is through water baptism, and we will be happy to help you with that whether you choose to join our church family or not.

The decision to make Jesus your Lord is a once for all commitment – it is a life-long commitment to Jesus reigning on the throne of your life.

You will certainly sin and break fellowship from time to time, but the blood of Jesus forgives your sins – you need only to confess them (own up to them before God). After all, once you have entered into relationship with God, sin is no longer a “legal” issue, it is a family issue. You are a child of God and are therefore part of His family and while sin certainly displeases God, it does not kick you out of the family!

There is much more to salvation and a living, vital and growing relationship with God than what I have stated here, but what is written above – if acted upon in faith from the heart – will get you into the family of God.

Everything else will come in time.

Here at Living Grace Fellowship, we greatly rejoice with you if you have made this decision – either before you ever sought to contact us or just now!

If you have just now placed your faith in Jesus, we invite you to tell us.

You will NOT be contacted unless you request it and no one will ever ask you to become a member of our church or give any money.

We are honestly just glad you’ve come to know the Lord and would love to get some information and materials into your hands for free which will help you in your new life in Him.

We are a small church, which means that not all calls / emails are answered immediately. That is why I took the time to help you through the biggest, most important and TIME sensitive question you could have asked us.

It will be our great pleasure to help you grow in your relationship with God via the free resources on our website or through correspondence and should you desire, by joining us in our church family.

We only ask that you please be patient with us, LEAVE A MESSAGE and we will return your call or email as promptly as possible.

How can we be contacted?

Our Address is 8020 Bayshore Rd. Palmetto, FL. 34221

Please feel free to contact us by phone or email.

The church number is  (941) 681-0834

My church email address is mark @ livinggracefellowship .net

I am just one man, so if I miss your call, PLEASE leave a voice mail with contact information and I will get back to you immediately.

Thank you and God Bless!

~ Mark