Can God Murder?

~ by Mark Woodson [Download PDF] Many have had legitimate questions about why it was not counted as murder when Israel killed those God commanded them to kill…especially because it often included people we see as innocent such as women and children. In a video series by Focus on the Family called, The Truth Project, Del Tackett accurately deals with this subject in that he clearly defines murder as “taking” a life. It is in fact a form of stealing – taking something which does not belong to you. Ultimately, because God is the One Who told Israel to “kill […]

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Why Elders?

Podcast: Download (3.6KB)Subscribe: Spotify | RSS NOTE: If you are not a reader, we have an extensive series on this topic which is available in our ‘Message Archive” section. Even though it is audio it is NOT for the faint of heart. Back in those days the messages were nearly all an hour and a half long and were very, very detailed. This was necessary to bring our church out of a firmly entrenched tradition spanning many years into a scriptural view of the church of the Lord Jesus Christ. Let me first say that we are not a mainstream […]

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Is God Sovereign?

Let’s begin by establishing what we mean by the word “Sovereign”. There is no generally accepted meaning to this word even though Webster seems to make it clear, religious people (both Christian and otherwise) have deliberated needlessly over this word for millennia. As for OUR purposes in this study we will establish the  meaning as – to possess the exclusive right to exercise, within specific jurisdictions, the functions of a potentate and within such jurisdictions – to be answerable to no higher authority. In the case of God, this is perhaps realized in no greater way than in His position as Judge. Consider […]

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