Job Prosper

Job asks, Why do the wicked prosper?

The escalating disagreement between Job and his friends takes another turn here in chapters 20-22. Job begins to express his frustration at God, Who – in Job’s opinion – not only fails to judge the wicked, but in many instances actually blesses them in their sin.

His friends Eliphaz and Zophar agrue to the contrary and continue to insist that if Job were not in sin, or if he would humble himself and repent this obvious judgment of God over him would end.

Job and his friends are BOTH right AND wrong as we discover from other scriptures which place these arguments into a context which reveals God’s actions and intentions.

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in Him

These three things I want you to know

In the later part of the first chapter, Paul reveals that he often prays for these saints, that in the enlightened condition they enjoy IN CHRIST, that the Spirit would reveal to them three things.

In this lessone we touch on the first two of these eternal truths which are SO essential for a heart trained towards a proper response to the blessings of position and privlege we all have IN HIM!

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Vindicator Job

I know my Vindicator lives!

These are some interesting chapters from which we get some common phrases such as “gnashing teeth”, “Skin of teeth” & “I know my Redeemer lives”.

In regard to this last phrase, this original context bares little in common with its typical usage, but reveals a deeper side to Job’s thoughts on God.

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