Want to help?

If you came to this page, we hope it is because you have been helped, taught, encouraged and benefited by this church ministry.

We are grateful for your desire to give back and quite honestly that can be done MOST efficiently by simply telling others about our church!

We are a small church in one location on the planet but our online presence allows us the privilege of spreading God’s Word literally anywhere!

We’ve tried to make our resources easy to get to and easy to share.

If you look to the right hand sidebar of EACH of our pages (the bottom on mobile devices) you will see links you can share with others from a variety of social networks.

Letting others know about the resources in teachings and articles which we offer freely for all who wish to grow in the knowledge and likeness of our Lord Jesus Christ, is the greatest way you can help.


If what you are looking for is a more monetary way of helping – by supporting this ministry through any form of giving…hey, we thank you!

The scriptures teach us that if someone has ministered to us in spiritual things it is our joy and responsibility to minister to them in natural things. So if that is you desire, it is scriptural and deeply appreciated.

However, we want you to know that we NEVER want people to feel obligated to give. We’d be lying if we said it didn’t help, but PLEASE do not ever let money get in the way of freely drawing from any of our resources!

Also, if you have a home church (and you really should) please do not give to us in place of them. If you can only give in one place – make it your home church! If in addition to that, you wish to participate in the work the Lord has given to our church by giving – by all means please do!

Just so you know, here at Living Grace Fellowship we believe in accountability and credibility. In view of this we want to first thank you for considering giving into this ministry. Secondly we owe it to you to let you know that Living Grace Fellowship is a non-profit organization recognized in the state of Florida, and as such all giving can be claimed as charitable donations. However, for reasons of conscience we have not sought to avoid state sales taxes nor do we wish to obligate ourselves to the immoral scrutiny of the government. As such, we operate 100% legally as a registered religious non-profit in the state of Florida and nothing more.

Donations Giving Ministry

Full disclosure:

All funds given into Living Grace Fellowship will go to meet ministry needs including, but not limited to Pastorial support, congregational needs, maintenance and upkeep as well as giving into other Christ centered ministries.

Thank you for your gift and God Bless!

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