Think God

Thinking on God

Series: In Pursuit of Relational Knowledge

Last week we focused on God’s command to remember Him and the things He has done, in order to keep our hearts from growing cold and unresponsive to Him.

This week we are taking a more simple approach – thinking on God.

Sounds simple enough, but we need examples and God has supplies many.

Some of the greatest lovers and pursuers of God have left us with their thoughts as they considered God in their lives. These we take as examples of pathways along which to guide our thoughts since these are people God Himself made special note of.

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Warfare spiritual

By Request: Spiritual Warfare

By Request: Spiritual Warfare

Spiritual warfare is anything which challenges the advancement of God’s rule in our HEARTs.

It is only out of ignorance or laziness that we blame all our hindrances on the devil. This is no more than a sidestepping of the real issue. We do not long for and pursue intimacy with our God and THAT is our greatest enemy.

You need to hear this – NOTHING, AND I DO MEAN NOTHING, challenges the advancement of the rule of God in our hearts more than indifference!

This is why our Master made much of love!

In this lesson we cover what the New Testament tells us about satan and demons, demon possession, demonic oppression and what scripture both tells us to do and demonstrates that Jesus and the early church did in response to the devil.

I hope this teaching will serve to destroy lies, refocus attention on what the scriptures actually say and empower lives lived in honor of our Only God and Father to Whom literally belongs ALL POWER and AUTHORITY FOREVER!

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Commanded to Remember

Podcast: Download (Duration: 1:34:08 — 164.1MB)Subscribe: Spotify | RSS Sunday 06/25/23 Message: Commanded to Remember ***Video is HERE*** Share this:    Commanded to Remember Today we are looking at remembering. As you may recall, at least two passages we have frequented since the first of the year encourage us to remember or warn against forgetting. 2Peter 1:8-14, “(8) For if these things are really yours and are continually increasing, they will keep you from becoming ineffective and unproductive in your pursuit of knowing our Lord Jesus Christ more intimately.  (9)  But concerning the one who lacks such things – he […]

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By Request: To Sabbath or not to Sabbath? Pt. 4 – Lingering Issues

Podcast: Download (Duration: 1:47:03 — 179.9MB)Subscribe: Spotify | RSS Wednesday 06/21/23  Message: By Request: To Sabbath or not to Sabbath? Pt. 4 – Lingering Issues ***Video is HERE*** Share this:   By Request: To Sabbath or not to Sabbath? Pt. 4 – Lingering Issues Tonight we are looking again at some final lingering questions we have about the Sabbath and observing it under the New Covenant. Now this is our fourth teaching and I have thought for sure at the beginning of each of them that surely, this will be our last teaching on this… and I as much as […]

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Father benefits

The Father – benefits of being His children

Podcast: Download (Duration: 1:07:08 — 115.5MB)Subscribe: Spotify | RSS Sunday 06/18/23 Message: The Father – benefits of being His children ***Video is HERE*** Share this:    The Father – benefits of being His children Today is Father’s day and upon THE Father, is where I am going to focus my teaching this morning. Now you may remember that I did not focus this year on Mothers so you may wonder why, this year, I am choosing to place more focus upon fathers than mothers. Well… First off, let me say that one of the most popular messages on our church […]

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