Christmas 2013 – He emptied Himself

Wednesday 12/18/13 Topic: He emptied Himself Series – Christmas 2013: He emptied Himself.mp3   Key Text: For weeks now the Lord has been focusing my heart on the miracle of the Incarnation. Jesus Christ, God become man. Perhaps it is my years of loving the music and rhyme of Michael Card, but I believe the incarnation is something best framed by paradox. The infinite contained in the finite. The creator now created. The Owner, Himself now owned. The Cause, becoming the effect. The Life, becoming dependent upon an outside source for life. There is simply no end to the paradoxical […]

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Review: A Call to Unity

Wednesday 12/11/13 Topic: The Ministry of the Holy Spirit Series – A Call to Unity: Part A: Unity in Doctrine Discussion.mp3 Part B: What about Woman Elders & Teaching in the Church? Part I.mp3     In beginning our series on the ministry of the Holy Spirit, it became immediately apparent that unity is a HUGE part of the Spirit’s ministry to and among believers. A large part of this unity is based upon being of the same mind and judgment regarding doctrine.   “Now I plead with you, brethren, by the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, that you […]

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The Ministry of the Holy Spirit III

Wednesday 11/18/13 Topic: The Ministry of the Holy Spirit   Series – The Fear of the Lord: The Ministry of the Holy Spirit.mp3     Key Text:   Matt. 12:20 Amos 3:3 John 15:1-7 John 16:8-11 The ministry of Jesus, became the ministry of the Holy Spirit and subsequently – OUR ministry. This is called the ministry of reconciliation.  We began this week with brief review and then started talking about reconciliation. To purchase mankind back from sin and death and restore them to righteousness and life was what Jesus accomplished on the cross. The action of being reconciled is […]

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