Psalm 23 Shepherd

Psalm 23

Psalm 23 is perhaps the most comforting and well-beloved Psalms ever and is arugably the best known passage from the entire Bible. It is quoted and referenced even by the lost. It appears on keychains, in movies, in songs and often is part of funeral services. Interestingly enough, even though we are in the 21st century, the most quoted version of this popular Psalm is from the King James Version.

Tonight we will begin with an introduction to how to understand the imagry in the Psalm. Then we will work through the Psalm by comparing two very different translations – the King James Version and the New English Translation.

Both are excellent translations which are faithful to the Hebrew but which approach translation from two different angles. The KJV surprisingly includes more nuances of the Hebrew allowing shades of meaning from word roots to impact the words used in the translation. The NET takes a more literal approach. THis makes for a more sterile version of the Psalm in my opinion, but it offers clarity and depth when taken together with the KJV.

After noting the differences between these versions we work through the Psalm – key phrase by key phrase until we reach the end. The result I hope, is a better understanding of this wonderful Psalm as well as a better picture of our relationship with our Shepherd.

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Tongues Prayer Gift

Tongues… Praying in or the Gift of Part 1

This is Part 1 in a mini-Series within our Parent series of The Gift of the Holy Spirit.

There is MUCH confusion regarding the topic of Tongues.

This is not without some cause since there are several expressions of it mentioned in scripture.

There is Praying in the Spirit, there is the Gift of Tongues and then there appears to be some special manifestions of tongues as well.

This series within a series is intended to help you sort through all of these and so enjoy the benefit Praying in the Spirit offers without confusion and without misusing this precious and powerful ability available to all believers subsequent to salvation.

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My God, My God

Psalms 21-22

Dying spiritually – which is to be separated from the Father – was the death Adam and Eve died IN THE DAY they rebelled in the Garden. Their spiritual connection to the Father was severed!

The prophet Isaiah clearly says that the Father laid upon Jesus the iniquity of us all. That it PLEASED the Father to crush Him, when He made Jesus’ very soul an offering for sin. That it was when the Father knew the travail of Jesus’ soul which was poured out unto DEATH that He was satisfied that the price had been paid.

The word “iniquity” in Isaiah 53:6 is the Hebrew word עוֹן (‛āwōn). It is a masculine noun meaning iniquity, guilt AND PUNISHMENT.

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