Job Behemoth

Look at the Behemoth which I made along with you

God confronts the argument by which Job had contended with God in matters of justice. He hypothetically invites Job to take the throne, scepter and crown for a moment to see if he can rightly judge all humanity for a moment.

Then God goes back to focus on His creation of two extraordinary creatures, the first of which is the Behemoth who is the “first of the ways of God”.

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Hunger Thirst

To Hunger and Thirst

Throughout scripture we are encouraged to hunger and thirst for God. Some of the miracles God did for Israel were intended to illustrate these points… the mana, the water from the rock…etc.

Jesus became the embodiment of these types and shadows. He was the TRUE “bread from heaven” as is recorded in John 6.

Today we investigate the connection between communion, dying with Christ, rising with Christ as well as hungering and thirsting for Him!

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Easter 2024

You cannot rise, if you have not died

Our belief in Jesus’ death and resurrection is based upon the fulfilled prophecies of the Old Testament and the eye-witness accounts of those who saw Him after His resurrection.

His resurrection impacts us when we enter into His death with Him.

There are three deaths and three resurrections – spirit, soul and body and they cannot be experienced in any other order.

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