Servant Job

You’ve set your sights on My servant Job?!

The first two chapters of Job are pivotal in understanding the whole book.

In this first chapter, we see that Job is blameless, upright and shuns evil. He is concerned for his children and so offers burnt sacrifices for them regularly.

After having sought the whole earth, satan sets his heart on Job to destroy him and so approaches God for permission.

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Overcoming forgiven

Overcoming, not just forgiven

“Christians are not perfect, just forgiven.” A familiar phrase which has done more harm than good.

We have been conditioned in the modern church to accept defeat as a norm in the Christian life.

Yes we are forgiven, but the greatest message of the gospel is not one of forgiveness but one of overcoming!

As we conform to Jesus, sin continues to lose its grip on us. We begin living from victory to victory rather than from confession of sin to confession of sin.

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Job Poem

Job – An Ancient Poem of a real life

Job: An Ancient Poem of a Real Life

Tonight we introduce the book of Job, which is without question the most unique book of the entire Bible.

It is not only the oldest book in scripture, it is the historical account of a pivotal time in this man’s life, written in a form of poetry which also takes it’s place along side Proverbs and Ecclessiastes as Wisdom literature.

It is the ONLY book of the Old Testament which never mentions any patriarch, any prophet, the law of Moses, Israel, circumcision, the covenant, the temple, the Ark of the covenant, the priesthood or any other reference to the rest of scripture.

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Derailed life peace

Don’t get Derailed from the Life & Peace of the Spirit

Podcast: Download (Duration: 1:17:42 — 134.1MB)Subscribe: Google Podcasts | Spotify | RSS   Sunday 12/03/23 Title: Don’t get Derailed from the Life & Peace of the Spirit Message Video Player Message Audio Player: ***Video is HERE*** Share this:      Don’t get Derailed from the Life & Peace of the Spirit We have been going through Romans 8, seeking to identify ways of sensitizing our hearts to the voice and the promptings of the Holy Spirit. One of the ways that we identified of course, is how our fleshly passions serve as an obstacle to our intimacy with God. That […]

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Harmony Spirit

The Harmony between our spirit and the Holy Spirit

The Harmony between our spirit and the Holy Spirit

Series: In Pursuit of Relational Knowledge

Learning how to become sensitive to the inward promptings of the Holy Spirit is imperative for muturing in Christ. He leads us into godliness and away from godlessness, to obedinece and away from sin, towards conformity to God’s will in our lives and away from aimless wandering.

In this message we learn our lessons form Paul, who illustrate simple ways this is accomplished in our daily life in his letter to the Christians in Rome.

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