Job’s final rebuttal and defense…

These chapters cover Job’s last lines of defense he offers in rebuttal to Bildad and by extension to his other two friends as well.

Job sees himself in favorable light which appears to be a bit larger-than-real-life depiction.

Regardless of all this, Job has sunk into a type of pride from which God is about to deliver him by a most unlikely source!

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brought near

brought near

The vast distance between mankind and God through the fall was bridged in the Old Covenant for the Jewish nation.

The New Covenant God promised to establish brought the rest of mankind near and the Jews who believe even nearer than the Old Covenant could allow.

This New Covenant is found IN THE BLOOD of Jesus the Messiah. Lord of all and Savior of the world!

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Job Whisper Thunder

The Whisper of His Voice / The Thunder of His Power

The arguments defending individual positions continue. We begin with Job’s reply to Eliphaz. Then Bildad’s short response, followed again by Job’s long retort.

One argument of Job’s which is somewhat representative of all his arguments is that God cannot be found or approached so he can defend himself. He can see where God has been and what He has done, but cannot hear His voice which must be softer than a whisper!

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One Body

One body IN CHRIST

The early church was filled with Gentile believers who only had the Old Testament Jewish scriptures which spoke of them as if they were dogs.

In addition to this the Jewish believers were slow to let go of their trained prejudice. So God sent a servant Apostle to them in the person of Paul to tell them they belonged and were no second rate citizens of heaven but were one with the Jews who are IN CHRIST!

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Job Prosper

Job asks, Why do the wicked prosper?

The escalating disagreement between Job and his friends takes another turn here in chapters 20-22. Job begins to express his frustration at God, Who – in Job’s opinion – not only fails to judge the wicked, but in many instances actually blesses them in their sin.

His friends Eliphaz and Zophar agrue to the contrary and continue to insist that if Job were not in sin, or if he would humble himself and repent this obvious judgment of God over him would end.

Job and his friends are BOTH right AND wrong as we discover from other scriptures which place these arguments into a context which reveals God’s actions and intentions.

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