Psalms Overview Structure

The Book of Psalms – Overview & Structure

The book of Psalms is like a Bible within a Bible.

It was divided into 5 books by the ancient Hebraic community, has several authors and spans over 500 years of Israel’s history.

It has a structure which capitalizes on primary themes, speaks of the fall of man, the earthly kingdoms of Israel, the exile/post-exile periods and promises the everlasting Kingdom of Messiah.

It tells its stories through recounting Jewish history & personal times of defeat and triumph.

It is an intensely personal and relatable composite of songs/poems which has essentially served as the hymnal of the Jewish and Christian communities for thousands of years!

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God reveals Himself in Leviathan & Job is moved to repentance

God offers the ultimate example of Job’s need for humility. He describes the only creature on earth God created with no fear and no rival.

Leviathan practically defies description in power, invulnerability and majesty – yet Leviathans are easily tamed by God.

God states this then asks Job, “Who then can stand against Me?”

Job repents by saying, “I have heard about You, but now I see You!”

God encourages mercy out of Job for his friends and then restores all he lost 2 times over!

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