Laying Hold Mystery

Laying Hold of the Mystery of Christ in Us

In the letter of Paul to the Colossian believers, he stresses the importance of being found well pleasing to God.

That pleasure is directly connected to the mystery God has kept hidden in Christ from before time began. It is the mystery of Christ in us!

As Michael Card so clearly stated in his song, Live this Mystery “The Mystery of life in Christ, is that Christ can live in you!”

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God Justice Authority

God, Justice & Delegated Authority

God gave permission to satan to attack Job due to an accusation against Job’s character and godly fear. This permission included all Job possessed.

Last week we examined how that could have included his adult children. This week we are examining how this could have affected his servants who also lost their lives.

At the end we just introduce the beginning of chapter 2 and Job’s second trial.

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Teach Will

Teach me to do Your will

God’s children are in His family and so bear His name. The precious Holy Spirit impresses upon the sensitive heart the weight of that name. It is holy and worthy of all our reverence for it represents Him… but so do we!

With this in view it is so very important to train our hearts to seek God not only for His power, but His character changing presence.

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Job trial

Job’s trials begin

As Job’s trials begin we see that the target of accusation is really God.

In this message we begin to uncover some of the basics regarding the suffering of the godly. We also address the issue of Job’s children dying and its connection with Job.

This discussion touches on the topics of authority, what we think we know about satan and demons, temptation and the nature of the coflict between satan and God.

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Is Jesus the Promised Messiah? Come & See!

When we consider Jesus at Christmas time, it is easy to think of Him in His humanity and that is appropriate. However, when in order to truly take in and appreicate Who it is that came and took on human flesh, we need to take a step back from the familiar to rediscover Jesus in the true enigmatic reality of His person.

In His humanity we believe we really know Him, when in reality it is there that we only identify with Him.
To know Him we must embrace Him in all the wonder of His Humanity and Divinity at once.
It is a feat too large for human reason, but Jesus issued an invitation to two of John’s disciples over 2,000 years ago, which is still open to you and I.

You desire to know Jesus in reality and truth? He reponse to you is to “Come and See”.

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