Psalms David

Psalms 9-14

These Psalms cover God being the judge of individuals, nations and the whole world. He is upright and just in all He does which is reason for the righteous to express gratitude to Him even in the middle of dispair out of a certain knowledge that God will eventually right all wrongs.

David is even confident that at the end of life all who are righteous will see God face to face.

In these Psalms God is seen as being in His very person a refuge to those in trouble. All that being said, the world at large has its heart set on worthless things, exalting in things which possess no real value. Their wicked hearts are restless being unstable and aimless in their wanderings mentally, emotionall, spiritually and even sometimes physically.

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Psalms David

Psalms 6-8

Psalms Book I: Psalms 6-8

These Psalms cover God’s chastening of His Own. Pleas for His correction to come with mercy. Grief and weeping all night from the evil attacks of enemies. Cries to God for deliverance. God’s protection and rescue.

This set of Psalms ends with a Psalm of God’s sovereignty over His creation which is also a prophetic foreshadowing of Messiah and events in His earthly life.

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Lamp Virgin Wedding

Empty Oil Lamps & a Wedding Feast

Part of rising with Jesus is a life lived unot Him. Where we are living witnesses – saltto make people thirsty and Light that leads them to Him.

In the Parable of the 10 Virgins, the lesson was regarding getting and remaining ready for the return of Christ. This is accomplished most naturally by loving devotion to Him which swells into a deep desire to be with Him where He is. It aids our souls in maintaining the excited anticipation of His return which could take place at any moment.

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Psalms Book 1

Psalms Book I: Psalms 1-5

The first two Psalms 1 & 2 serve as a type of prelude to the entire first book… even the entire book of Psalms itself.

Pslams 1 focus’ on the importance and power of the God’s word in a humble and obedient heart.

Psalm 2 is all about God’s sovereignty and specifically Jesus’ future Millennial reign.

Psalm 3 is about self-imposed tradgedy and the immutability of God’s calls and His faithfulness to those who submit to Him in trust.

Psalm 4 centers in on God’s faithfulnes to hear us when we pray. Our need to hold Him in dep reverence and the joy that comes from face-to-face encounters with God.

Finally center stage in Psalm 5 is the righteousness God imputes to His Own and how His ear is open to their cry. God will not hold the proud, the wicked or liars guiltless. It concludes with a call to rejoice in God’s delieverance of the godly.

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